Business Intelligence

With Ryder’s business intelligence capabilities and team of data scientists and engineers, you benefit from integrations, a data management strategy & infrastructure, predictive analytics, and best practices to optimize your operational strategy and performance.

Ryder Analytics
We analyze billions of data points to provide the most beneficial insights to continuously improve your supply chain.

Robotic Automation
Robotics equipment captures and stores data, which is analyzed in real-time by automated processes to make decisions quickly.

Ryder OpsBox
A warehouse analytics platform for labor management, daily metrics, workforce planning, and customer visibility dashboards.

Data Management

Many companies find they are profitable and growing with the help of new technology that provides the ability to capture key data, create meaningful analytics, and then build essential actions into their systems.

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Driving Improvement

At Ryder, we deliver continuous improvement for you by combining your data with our best-in-class business intelligence and network engineering tools.

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Turning Big Data into Business Intelligence

When it comes to your transportation network, your data needs to work for you. Capturing and analyzing data that tracks your key metrics, ensures an optimized network at the lowest total cost.

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Internet of Things

AI & Machine Learning

Ryder OpsBox

Data Science

API Strategy

Advanced Analytics